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Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Where is the Newbury Fire Station?
    The Newbury Fire Station is located at 11111 Kinsman Rd. (Rt. 87) Just east of Auburn Rd.

  • Is Newbury a paid fire department?
    The Newbury Fire Department is a volunteer fire department, but we recently went to paying our volunteers a small stipend for any calls and trainings a member attends.

  • Are the members of the Newbury Fire Department trained?
    The state of Ohio requires a minimum of a 36 hour firefighting class. Many of our firefighters have taken the 240 hr. firefighter class. The same class that full time firefighters take. We also have Basic EMT's, Advanced EMT's and Paramedic's.

  • Are the members of the Newbury Fire Department required to keep their training current?
    The state requires Basic EMT's to take 40 hours of continuing education within a 3 year period. Advanced EMT's 60 hours, and Paramedic's 92 hours. The state now also requires firefighters to do so many hours of continuing education every year.

  • When should I replace my smoke detector battery?
    It is recommended that you replace your smoke detector battery each time change (i.e. daylight savings time) Also, you may want to periodically test your detector by pressing the test button on the face of the detector. Always use new batteries when replacing. Never borrow your smoke detectot battery for something else.

  • When should I replace my smoke detector?
    Most smoke detector manufacturers recommend replacing detectors every 10 years.

  • Where should I place my smoke detector?
    It is a good idea to place a detector on each floor level in your home. They can be placed in a main hallway, so it may be heard in all rooms off of that hall. In addition, you may want to place one in a high risk area, such as your kitchen, or near a fireplace.

  • Why do so many vehicles show up for a "small emergency"?
    Often times you will see many apparatus at the scene of an emergency. When the fire department is dispatched on a run, it is difficult to determine the severity of the emergency. Therefore, we send a full response to ensure we provide the appropriate level of care.

  • Why does the fire department break windows and cut holes in a house during a fire?
    During a fire, there is a build up of smoke, heat and hot gasses. These items need to be released from the room or structure. By breaking windows or cutting holes, we are allowing the smoke and heat to escape, which in turn, decreases the level of damage done to the structure. Also, by removing the heat and gasses quickly, the conditions inside the house can improve dramatically, which may help both the firefighters and/or any trapped victims.

  • How do I become an EMT or Paramedic?
    Many technical schools and colleges offer EMT/Paramedic programs. You must attend one of these classes, and pass a state or national test in order to become certified. In this area, Geauga Regional Hospital, Auburn Career Center, and Lakeland Community College all offer EMS classes.

  • Does the Fire department install or inspect child car seats?
    No, but for a list of certified car seat inspection and installation locations you can call 1-866-SEAT CHECK. Or go to:

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Newbury Volunteer Fire Department
11111 Kinsman Rd.
P.O. Box 255
Newbury, Ohio 44065
Non-Emergency Phone: 440-564-2261
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