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Fire Station Addition/Renovation

The Newbury Volunteer Fire Department would like to change from an all volunteer fire department to a 24/7 staffed department. With this change we would like to place a 7,125 sq. ft. addition onto our fire station as well as to renovate 5,350 sq. ft. of existing building.

Our existing station was built in 1989/90, making it over 30 years old. With this addition and renovation, we’re expecting to get another 30+ years out of the entire building.

Also, currently, we are not a staffed station. This means that when someone calls 911, our dispatch center pages our members of a call. Our members then respond to the fire station if they are available. Depending on what type of emergency it is, is what determines what is taken to the call.
From the time someone calls 911, until the first unit arrives on the scene, is now averaging 8-10 minutes. With the fire station staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, that response time will be drastically reduced.

Both the building addition/renovation and the cost of staffing, would require an increase millage of 5.5.
(4.5 mills will be for staffing, 1 mill will be for station addition/renovation)

January of 2022 we have continued meeting with our architect and are moving forward with the planning stages of the building addition/renovation project.

February 2022. Continued meeting with architectural firm over design. Started process of choosing a "Construction Manager at Risk", who will work with the fire department, township trustees and architecture firm in the addition/renovation process.

March 25, 2022. Infinity Construction chosen by township trustees and fire department to be Construction Manager at Risk for our project.

July 2022. DS Architecture is between 60-100% in thier design development stage of our station addtion/renovation. End of August 2022 target for completion of the design development stage.

December 2022. DS Architecture is at 100% completion of their construction document phase. Weather permitting, construction of our addition and renovation should be starting late March, early April 2023.

April 10, 2023. Ground breaking ceremony at fire station. Construction to begin!
April 24, 2023. Demolition started on our existing parking lot, where the new station addition will be.
May 12, 2023. Footers being dug and cement poured.
May 31, 2023. Underground plumbing being installed.
Week of June 19, 2023. Finished up underground plumbing and electrical. Installed new 4" conduit outside from road to new location of transformer. Finished prepping for concrete floor.
Week of June 26, 2023. Finished footer in Southwest corner of new section. Finished all necessary block work to start floor slab. Started to make openings into existing building where doorways will be in new addition.
June 28, 2023. Concrete floor is being poured today for new addition.
July 5, 2023. Overhangs on East side of existing building being removed in preparation of new block firewall.
Week of July10, 2023. Block walls of storm shelter being built. Work on overhangs continues on East side.
Week of July 17, 2023. Demolition started on inside of existing station. Continued work on new block firewall between addition and existing building.
August 8, 2023. Firewall between addition and existing building complete. Just a few bricks to place on the block after the addition roof trusses are set in place.
Demolition continues inside existing building.
August 10, 2023. Construction of walls on addition have begun.
August 17, 2023. Construction of walls on addition continue with outside sheating being added. Electrical being started on addition also.
August 28, 2023. Roof trusses being put into place on new addition. HVAC and electrical work continue in existing building for renovation.
Week of September 11,2023. Finishing up roof trusses and sheathing this week. Electrical and HVAC continue to be worked on in addition and existing.
Week of September 18,2023. Shingling roof this week. Spray on vapor barrier being applied to exterior. Electrical, HVAC and Plumbing continue to be worked on in addition and existing building.
Week of October 2, 2023. Install windows. Working on finishing up roof. Insulating ceiling in addition has started. Continued work on Electrical, HVAC and Plumbing.
Week of October 9, 2023. Continue with insulation installation in addition. Started dry walling ceiling. Illuminating company installed new transformer. Work on new concrete parking on East side. Continue work on Electrical and HVAC.
Week of October 30, 2023. Continue electrical work in existing building. Continue with dry walling. Working on exterior brick and EFIS.
November/December 2023. Electrical and HVAC work continue on both addition and existing side. Drywall is complete with painting in progress. Installation of IT wiring has started. Exterior brick work still in progress. Concrete sidewalks and driveway areas being worked on in December.
March 2023. A lot has happened since December. We have moved our operations back into the fire station. (We totally moved out back in June 2023 into a trailer) Moved furniture into station. Numerous odds and ends to finish up. Concrete drive and parking area being poured. 2nd HVAC unit arriving and being lifted into place on roof.

Thank you for your support

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